The Travelers

Theft. Deception. Murder. The Travelers agree to wreck a computer server and steal a newly developed data-mining program. A simple, lucrative job. Or it would have been if their employer had told them half the truth. Instead, they discover that they’ve been thrown into a poorly-planned scam. Nothing is as it seems, and the Travelers must scramble if they are to stay ahead of both the criminals and the police.

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Michael P. King

How many times have you heard or read a news report that made you think, “You just IMG_0482can’t make this stuff up. What could they possibly have been thinking?” People often involve themselves in a chain of events that leads to unforeseen consequences simply because they want to take what they think is the easy way out or a short cut to wealth or fame. I’m fascinated by this tendency, and it’s the jumping off place for my fiction.

I’m a Kirkus Reviews critically acclaimed crime fiction writer. I’m currently working on a series of noir crime thrillers featuring a husband and wife team of con artists, the Travelers, who specialize in stealing from other criminals. The Traveling Man,  The Computer Heist, and The Blackmail Photos are out now.


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