The Travelers

Theft. Deception. Murder. The Travelers agree to wreck a computer server and steal a newly developed data-mining program. A simple, lucrative job. Or it would have been if their employer had told them half the truth. Instead, they discover that they’ve been thrown into a poorly-planned scam. Nothing is as it seems, and the Travelers must scramble if they are to stay ahead of both the criminals and the police.

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Michael P. King

How many times have you heard or read a news report that made you think, “You just IMG_0482can’t make this stuff up. What could they possibly have been thinking?” People often involve themselves in a chain of events that leads to unforeseen consequences simply because they want to take what they think is the easy way out or what they think is a short cut to wealth or fame. I’m fascinated by this tendency, and it’s the jumping off place for my fiction.

I’m a Kirkus Reviews critically acclaimed crime fiction writer. I’m currently working on a series of noir crime thrillers featuring a husband and wife team of con artists, the Travelers, who specialize in stealing from other criminals. The Traveling Man and The Computer Heist are out now. The Blackmail Photos, the third novel of the series, will be released later this year.


2 thoughts on “The Travelers

  1. Absolutely loved your Travelers. The second book was just to short!!! I am officially addicted, and am anticipating the third book. Please tell me there is a possibility for number four, five, and so on. I love how you twist the plot, over and over. Hard to put these books down, and can’t wait to pick them back up. Thank you for your ingenuity. Will definitely be looking for your name on my next reads. Impatiently awaiting The Travlers third book. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Billi Jo,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. The next Travelers book, The Blackmail Photos, will be out as an ebook in August (If things stay on schedule). There are definitely more books to come.
      All the best,

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